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Membership and Appplication

Joining the Club is easy:


After you review all the Club's Constitution, By-Laws and Safety Policy, download the application package and the PSP waiver below, complete it fully and legibly. Please attach a copy of your highest level core certification (ie. Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water, Rescue etc). And bring it to the Naden Athletic Centre (NAC). For associate memberships, an endorsement is required in order for the NAC to process your membership. An email authorizing membership or the signature endorsement on your membership form is acceptable. The hours of operation are on the NAC website


You may also obtain a copy of the application from the Naden Athletic Centre.


There are three primary types of membership, please note the special considerations for Associate members:


Regular Members - $50 per fiscal year:

  • Canadian Forces Members: Currently serving Regular and Reserve Force personnel and their families

  • Members of Foreign Military currently serving with the CAF and their families

  • Veterans (Former members of the CAF who have successfully completed Basic Military training and have been honourably discharged) and their families


Ordinary Members - $55 per fiscal year:

  • Current DND Public Servant, NPF staff, MFRCs staff, Staff of DRDC and DCC and their families

  • Serving RCMP and their families

  • Currently serving Honorary Colonel/Captain (N) and Honorary Lieutenant Colonel/Commanders and their families

  • Former DND Public Servant and their families and former Staff of NPF receiving a pension and their families

  • Former RCMP in receipt of an annuity and their families


Associate Members - $60 per fiscal year:

  • All others who are invited to become members

  • Must have application endorsed by the President, Vice President or Membership Coordinator either on the application or by email. This email must be brought to the NAC.

Aquarius Application

(Fill by Hand or PDF fill utility)

PSP Waiver

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