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Willis Point

Type of Dive: Shore


General Description: Easily one of the best shore dives in all of Victoria. Willis Point is a great wall dive that can be found at the end of a short and easy trail in the Saanich Inlet. This is a wonderful wall dive with a variety of things to see. At depth you can find boot sponges and lots of smaller creatures here such as Sculpins and Octopus Dens do appear from time to time. Summer months bring Moon Jellies in force, along with the typical algae blooms reducing visibility to within inches in the first 40 - 50 feet of depth. In August 2013 we found a Decorated Warbonnet which is quite rare. This is also one of the sites where six gill sharks have been reported, but nothing recently. Of other interest is the bath tub, sink and diver's submarine that can be found here all at about 110 feet.


Location: West side of the Saanich Inlet. 


Access: Mark Lane, Brentwood Bay. Please note that the trail head is a fire lane - park off to the side. We don't want to anger the residents unnecessarily.

Depth: As with most Saanich Inlet dives, there is typically very little current here. The visibility can be poor near the surface sometimes, so keep an eye out for boats during your ascent.

Hazards: The current generally doesn't present much of a challenge here, however,the wind can really pick up and can quickly cancel a dive. the divers are straying away from the pinnacles, it is important to pay attention to boat traffic and don't forget about kayakers, you can't here them but they can leave a nasty bump on your head if you encounter one.

Dive Certification: Open water, great for all levels.

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