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White Lady

Type of Dive: Boat


General Description: White Lady (actually known as Repulse Rock) is located in the heart of the Saanich Inlet with two distinctly different dives at the same dive site. The with the boat anchored as shown, there is a perfect Open Water dive with a max depth of no more than 40 feet from one pinnacle to the next and around the marker rock. For those seeking a little more adventure, the south side of the marker rock descends beyond 160 along an amazing wall. The dive shown here in red makes use of both dives. It starts out eastward from the anchorage for a shallow dive amongst the anenomes and heads south in order to descend to 120 feet for a great view of the wall before heading north east to return to the boat.


Access: By Boat, typically launched at Tsartlip Boat Launch.

Depth: As mentioned above there's a nice easy dive between the two pinnacles at a max depth of 30 or you can plunge off the south side of the marker rock to the maximum of recreational dive limits.What to see: Between the pinnacles there is a carpet of orange plumose anemones, cup corals and sponges. If you descend down the wall you will find lots of rock fish hiding in amongst the stones with ample opportunities for Wolf Eel and Octopus Dens. We met a family of sea lions here once!

Hazards: The current generally doesn't present much of a challenge here, however,the wind can really pick up and can quickly cancel a dive. the divers are straying away from the pinnacles, it is important to pay attention to boat traffic and don't forget about kayakers, you can't here them but they can leave a nasty bump on your head if you encounter one.

Dive Certification: Open water, great for all levels.

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