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SF Tolmie Wreck

Type of Dive: Boat/ Shore


General Description: The S.F. Tolmie was a 240 foot wooden barge moored in Victoria Harbour 27 Dec 1944. Gale force winds caused the barge to break away from it's moorings and drag its anchor out of the harbour to Harrison Island where it collided with Harrison Island.The barge was constructed of wood, but used metal to hold the wood together. The bulk of what remains today is the metal, with large chunks of wood strewn about. It appears as though the wreck is resting on it's keel, however it's actually on its side. The metal pieces sticking up from the sand were used to hold the deck in place. There is an abundance of life on this wreck.


Access: By Boat, or by shore along Anson Street in Workpoint RHS.

Depth: 30-40 feet. Bow sits at 30 feet, stern at 40.

Hazards: Some possible boat traffic. There is rarely a current here.

Dive Certification: Open water

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