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McCurdy Point

Type of Dive: Boat Dive


General Description: McCurdy Point is located north east of White Lady.  A buoy has been set for dive boats to tie up.  There's a wall that runs north and south where octopuses and wolf eels are regularly sighted along with boot sponges at around 100 feet.  If you dive east from the buoy there's a trench that leads down to some cloud sponges.    In addition, the topography of this sight is amazing.


Access: For this dive, the Aquarius Too Dive Boat usually picks up divers at the Tsartlip Boat Ramp, Brentwood Bay.

Depth: There's a bit of a plateau where the buoy is at about 40 feet.  You can follow the wall down to just over a hundred feet and if you head east out into the inlet the depths drop well below recreational dive limits.

What to see: As mentioned above Wolf Eels, Octopuses and Cloud Sponges are the big attractions, however, there is also a plethora of other sea life such as rock fish, ling cod, etc.

Hazards: The current generally doesn't present much of a challenge here, however, the wind can really pick up and can quickly cancel a dive.  As always, keep an eye out for boat traffic in the inlet.

Dive Certification: This is a good dive for open water divers but by no means boring for advanced divers.  Advanced certification with Deep and Dry Suit specialties is recommended.

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