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HMCS Mackenzie

Type of Dive: Boat Dive


General Description: HMCS Mackenzie was a 366 foot Canadian anti-submarine destroyer that was scuttled 16 Sep 95 by the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia. It is marked by three mooring buoys attached near the bow, bridge and stern.


Location: This wreck can be found east of Sydney BC, just north of Gooch Island.


Access: For this dive, the Aquarius Too Dive Boat is usually launched from the Tulista Boat Ramp in Sydney.  Directions to the boat ramp


Depth: The ship's keel lies in approximately 100 feet of water, while the upper deck is in 60 feet and the radar tower is in 40 feet.


What to See: Plumose Anemones and Barnacles cover the hull, while rock fish and other local species live in and around the hull.  On a good day you might bump into a curious harbour seal checking you out.


Hazards: Currents can be quite strong so ensure to check the tide tables and find suitable slack for diving Mackenzie.  The ship was properly prepared to serve as an artificial reef, so several easy openings for penetrating the hull are available, however, divers should never attempt to penetrate this or any other ship without proper training and experience.


Dive Certification: This is considered an Advanced Open Water Dive minimum, Wreck and Deep specialties are recommended to fully enjoy this wreck in its entirity.

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