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Graham's Wall

Type of Dive: Boat Dive


General Description: Graham's Wall is one of our favorite Sydney area dives.  It is covered in life, almost like a mini 10 mile point and the currents are rarely a problem.


Location: The best part of the wall is around the outside of a drying rock (dries on tides of 9 feet or lower) just south west of Domville Island which is east of Sydney, BC.


Access: Boat, usually launched from the Tulista Boat Ramp in Sydney.


Depth: This dive site goes down to about 120 feet.


What to See: Plumose Anemones and other forms of life cover the wall, but most impressive is the Puget Sound King Crabs that are often found here.


Hazards: Almost in contradiction to the vast amount of life here, currets are seldom a probem at Graham's Wall.  It's never a bad idea to check the tables and dive at slack, but if you're a little off here it's not the end of the world unlike sites such as 10 Mile or HMCS Mackenzie.


Dive Certification: This is considered an Advanced and Deep Dive, although Open Water Divers may enjoy the site within their depth limitations.




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